Despite the typical Asian food image of takeout boxes and chopsticks, Liang's Bistro offers a surprising and classy choice for a meal at an upscale restaurant setting. Our meat meals are made with large sized chunks of chicken and lightly breaded or not breaded at all and cooked in an array of tangy sauces.

Through the various dishes offered, people are sure to be satisfied by their overwhelming portions and delicious food. See Our Menu 


Teriyaki Wonton 
Thai Coconut Shrimp  
Egg Roll  
Crispy Cheese Puff  


Pineapple Chicken  
Teriyaki Chicken  
Sizzling Teriyaki Steak  
Korean B.B.Q. Beef  
Liangs B.B.Q. Pork  
Grilled Teriyaki Salmon  
Beef Chow  
Shrimp Pad Thai  
Japanese Fried Rice  
Singapore Rice Noodles 
Sautéed String Beans 
Ahi Tuna  
Ma Po Tofu  


Original Supreme Cheesecake 
Banana Cheesecake Roll 
Chocolate Toffee Mousse 


Pork Egg Rolls  
Sesame Chicken 
Pan Fried Pork Dumplings  
Mongolian Beef